About us

Paris Texas Consulting offers the services of a multidisciplinary team with professionals from the most diverse fields, each of them an expert in his or her activity. That way we can offer personalized services with consistent budgets, as well as rapid responses and implementation.

All employees work in a “Home Office” scheme or in small yet highly efficient structures. They provide their services to Paris Texas, partially or sporadically, according to the current demand.



Gilles Chatton

Gilles spent the first 23 years of his life in France, where he graduated from the University of Rennes. For five years he lived in several Mediterranean countries before traveling the world leading tourist groups. In 1989, he worked as a guide in Paris for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution and then changed the course of his life moving to Brazil where he has resided since 1991. Post graduated in Marketing from the São Paulo University of São Luis, Gilles worked 14 years for some of the most noted Brazilian tourism operators – such as Interpoint Viagens e Turismo e Teresa Perez Tours – developing innovative projects and acquiring thorough knowledge in high luxury tourism, exotic destinations, and beach or mountain resorts. In 2008, he founded the company Paris Texas Consulting, which offers communication and relationship solutions that aim to fulfill, in an integrated manner, the needs of its customers. He also writes for the tourism magazine Meridiani.


Francisco Ochoa
After travelling around Latin America, Francisco, also known as Pancho, decided to settle in Brazil. Chilean citizen, he is now living in São Paulo for over 30 years, 20 of which were devoted to the promotion of national and international tourism products. Pancho worked, among other companies, at Interamerican Network, the airline BRA and Jaime Borquez & Associates.


Camila Ochoa
Graduated in Tourism, Camila also has a large multimedia experience. Brazilian, she spent part of her childhood and adolescence in Chile, where she learned the Spanish language that she speaks fluently. She began her career at the Tourism Office of the city of São Paulo and a few years later was hired by the Foundation of the Institute of Economic Research (Fipe) to collaborate on a thorough investigation of the labor market generated by the tourism sector. She has also worked at Jaime Borquez & Associates, where she specialized in the areas of marketing and tourism promotion. Camila currently leads BET4 Soluções (www.bet4solucoes.com), which attends several companies, including Paris Texas Assessoria.


Marion Franzini

Marion is graduated in Fine Arts at Unicamp, University of Campinas, in the state of São Paulo. She speaks fluent English and French and helps the team in translations to Portuguese and English.